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Direct-to-Practitioner Programs - Connecting brands and healthcare providers.

DTP Sample Program Management

Connecting Brands and Healthcare Providers

Systems and processes built to make HCP sampling easier for everyone.
DTP Sample Program Management

Sample management programs have a lot of moving pieces.  Our systems and processes were built to make Healthcare Professional (HCP) sampling easier for everyone.  Client home office teams have easy-to-read reports and dashboards to support decision making, our employees have built-in case management to ensure they don’t miss a commitment, and HCPs have intuitive tools to help them access your brand.  Our job is to remove the complexity and administrative burden of managing multi-channel sampling activities, so our clients to focus on their core competencies.

LinkedRx provides complete & centralized solutions for sample management, linking all channels from sales and marketing representatives to warehouse and medical practitioners.

It provides transparency by capturing and consolidating transactions from every part of the sampling value chain:

  • Order management – Inbound order receipt and validation (SFA/Paper/Portal), data entry, business rule application, exception management, and document error mitigation.
  • Compliance – Acknowledgement of Content (AOC)/Acknowledgement of Delivery (AOD) follow up, audit management, and in-transit/lost in transit investigations.
  • Exception Management and Oversight – order Life cycle status reporting and exception management, and shipment pending/shipment status.
  • Program Status Reporting – program success metrics (TRx, Sales Goals), order performance cycle, AOD/AOC management.
Rep Helpdesk and Salesforce Support Services - RxS

Inside Sales

A sales model that establishes and enhances healthcare brand messaging while respecting the healthcare provider’s time.

Contact Center CRM software by RxS


Our next-generation portal, developed by UX Experts, provides HCPs with an intuitive e-commerce-familiar “shopping” experience.

Sample Accountability Programs - RxS

Signature Audits

A comprehensive service that provides signature audits to HCPs via an automated fax or mail process.

Signature Verification - RxS

PDMA Compliance

Compliance services to manage sample reporting, escalations and mitigations, signature audits, transfers, and returns, and lost in transit investigations.

Inside Sales/TeleSampling

RxSEngage, Inside Sales Solutions for Healthcare.

Establish and enhance healthcare brand messaging while respecting the healthcare provider’s time.
Rep Helpdesk and Salesforce Support Services - RxS

The RxS Engage inside sales model establishes and enhances healthcare brand messaging while respecting the healthcare provider’s time.

TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, is purpose-built for healthcare.  It is integrated with customer preferencing and campaign status data, enabling informed conversations that add value for HCPs and drive sales.  Interactive dashboards provide insights into contact center activity and campaign objectives.  Our systems and processes are flexible. We can make campaign adjustments within 24 hours. 

Our programs enhance brand connections with HCPs in white or gray spaces, and in geographically remote or hard/no see offices.  We offer specialty coverage with experienced agents who know how to speak with physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists, and veterinarians. 

  • NP/PA Detailing
  • Field Sales Support
  • Specialty Detailing
  • Veterinarian Detailing

Telesampling services for Physician Offices, Dental Practices, Hospitals, and Veterinarians.

The RxS Engage telesampling model is built around the Healthcare Provider, not the call center supervisor.  Program reporting and interactive dashboards focus on lift and reach, not the number of calls dialed.  Because RxS remains an innovator in the product sampling space with systems and processes dedicated to healthcare, clients and inside sales reps are empowered with program insights and proactive solutions.  We combine learnings from sampling and contact history for behavioral insights, such as:

  • Agents see the totality of the relationship from Sample Request Form (SRF) to AOC, all order info in one place
  • Relationship Dashboards/not spreadsheets provide access to all levels of transactions – program, agent, HCP
  • Digital SRF generation platform
  • Integrated with DTP sampling & literature fulfillment
  • Uniquely able to offer back-end processing of AOCs ensuring product sample fulfillment
  • Vitamin and medication awareness and sampling
TeleTarget RX by RxS

Contact Center CRM

A Simple & Easy CRM Portal that enables sales representatives to clear sampling-related roadblocks and offer samples and collateral materials via fax or email, increasing the value of the call for your customer.


Contact Center CRM software by RxS

Customer Relationship Management, Purpose-Built for Healthcare.

TeleTargetRx is our integrated, purpose-built contact center Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  It works alongside brand SFA platforms to enable inside sales teams to deliver the right message to the right target while offering requests for Rx samples and collateral material.  TeleTargetRx empowers agents with a full view of provider status and the tools to clear marketing constraints.  It is offered as the foundation of our contact center services, as a software solution for pharmaceutical organizations, or by license to partner Contact Centers.  TeleTargetRx links to target master files, has full digital material capabilities, integrates with a logistics provider, and comes with interactive campaign dashboards.  Inside sales representatives are empowered with campaign-specific information that helps them resolve HCP issues in real-time.

TeleTargetRx support inside sales agents with the ability to initiate fulfillment of follow-up mail, savings cards, and patient educational materials:

  • Resolve HCP specialty conflicts
  • Close outstanding AOC/AODs
  • Clear outstanding signature audits
  • Respond with a sample request
  • Send digital collateral
SampleCentral - RxS

eSampling Portal

Personalized eSampling Portal Solutions, Simplified for HCP’s.
Sample Accountability Programs - RxS

An e-commerce familiar “shopping” experience for HCPs and Consumers.

SampleCentral is our next-generation portal, developed by UX Experts to provide an intuitive e-commerce-familiar “shopping” experience. 

Protected by role-based login and robust security, SampleCentral engages customers with specialized messaging, a centralized dashboard, and allocation & electronic AOC (eAOC) management. 

It is adaptive for easy use on tablets, phones, or desktops, and was designed to be customized to support brand identity.  SampleCentral is part of our integrated software suite and contributes data to LinkedRx for insights.

The user experience is customized to your brand’s needs:

  • Website
  • Background
  • Images/Style
  • Messaging on each page


The portal has passed an independent international security standards audit. We have documented global cyber security to protect your company and data.

SampleCentral Features

  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Specialized Messaging
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Platform Independent
  • Customized to Your Needs
  • Allocation & eAOC Management
  • Role-Based Login
  • Robust Security


  • UX via an Engaging Digital Platform for your customers
  • Sample/Literature Requests on demand
  • 24/7 Accessibility Anywhere/Anytime
  • Latest technology for customer engagement

Signature Verification

Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management as well as Random and For-Cause Audits.

Signature Verification - RxS

Comprehensive Service

The RxS Physician Signature Validation process (RPSV) is a comprehensive service that provides signature audits to HCPs via an automated fax or mail process.  Our solution provides a robust set of business rules, reporting, and analytic tools to support signature audits or order verifications.  Questionable and/or negative responses are reported by RxS Sample Management to our clients with copies of all relevant documents forwarded for follow-up and/or disciplinary action within 1 business day.


ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting and analytics solution - RxS
ClientConnect - RxS

Comprehensive Service

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting and analytics solution provides insights into all customer-related activity from the contact center, to the warehouse, to the customer.  This includes:

  • Representatives
  • Tele Call Centers
  • Faxes
  • E-Portals
  • Direct Mail
  • Emails 



Transactional reports support day-to-day operations, while our Analytical DTP reports provide information necessary for trending review and future decision-making.

Example Transactional Reports

  • DTP Offer History Report
  • Order History Report
  • DTP Compliance Beat  

Sample Analytical Reports

  • Utilization Report by Template Code
  • DTP Product Heat Map
  • DTP Shipment Sampling Activity by Product Group

Sample management tech

LinkedRx Sample Program - RxS
DTP Sample Program Management

Connects hand carry and direct-to-practitioner channels.

LinkedRx is a sample management tech that seamlessly connects hand carry and DTP channels, allowing brands to effectively introduce, distribute, and monitor their samples.

This holistic approach provides insight and analytic capabilities to support decision-making.


  • Robust case management capabilities
  • PDMA Compliance and Sample Accountability/Reconciliation Management
  • Configurable and Customizable Solutions by Client
  • Manages Sample Movement Irrespective of Channel
  • Centralized PDMA/Client/Industry business rules engine
  • Channel Activity Repository
  • Reporting/Analytics

PDMA Compliance

Linked Rx is sample management tech

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is critical to your organization’s success and is our highest priority.  RxS is a sponsor of the compliance-focused Sharing Alliance.  With connections like that, you know that RxS is current on all compliance-related topics.  Rolled under our compliance services, we manage sample reporting, escalations and mitigations, signature audits, transfers, and returns, lost in transit, investigations, and PDMA Compliance Training.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Infrastructure

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant - RxS

Fully validated with current release documentation

SampleCentral has been developed as per PDMA and 21 CFR Part 11 and is fully validated with current release documentation.

Our technology development follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Change Control, SDLC, Backup/Recovery, Disaster Recovery, System Administration with 3 levels of security logging into systems Audit Trails.

Case Study

“Real World” Implementation Plan Keeps Evolving Direct-to-Practitioner sample program launch date within reach.

RxS Case Study:

“Real World” Implementation Plan Keeps Evolving Direct-to-Practitioner Sample Program Launch Date Within Reach.


A global life science company, holding a portfolio of various prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) products and vaccines, needed to replace their current DTP sample fulfillment vendor.  The scope of the desired solution included managing the DTP sample fulfillment program.  The manufacturer selected RxS to manage the program and to establish easy access to program success metrics and sample disbursement information.  During the design and early implementation phases, the addition of new integrations and system logic increased the scope of the project.  The RxS agile project management approach addressed and prioritized… [Cont’d – Read More, Click here

“Real World” Implementation Plan Keeps Evolving Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) sample program launch date within reach.

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