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One Customer/One Story

One Customer/One Story
Digital Engagement

pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing insights only matter When they Identify the relationship of activities to responses across Marketing channels.

Tools For Digital Engagement - One Customer/One Story
Tools For Digital Engagement

RxS provides solutions that consolidate all transaction and preferencing data into one system and then tell the whole story about the connection between sales representatives and their assigned providers and between providers and your brand.

We developed technology that seamlessly connects hand carry and Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) channels to deliver on this vision, allowing brands to introduce, distribute, and monitor their samples effectively.  This holistic approach provides insight and analytic capabilities to support decision-making.

RxS has strategically partnered with other complementary sample management Customer Relationship Management (CRM), audit management, and logistics suppliers to create a value network for our clients.  Our comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), system and process knowledge, and access to transactional details enable efficient implementations.

SampleCentral - RxS

Personalized HCP eSampling Portal

Portal Solutions, Simplified for HCPs and Patient-Centric Experiences

Personalized eSampling Portal Solution, Simplified for HCP’s.

Intuitive shopping experience. 

SampleCentral is our next-generation portal, developed by UX Experts to provide an intuitive Amazon-like “shopping” experience. 

Protected by role-based login and robust security, SampleCentral engages customers with specialized messaging, a centralized dashboard, and allocation & electronic Acknowledgement of Content (eAOC) management. 

It is adaptive for easy use on tablets, phones, or desktops and was designed to be customized to support brand identity. 

SampleCentral is part of our integrated software suite and contributes data to LinkedRx for insights.

  • Next-generation technology for customer engagement
  • Sample/Literature Requests on demand
  • 24/7 Accessibility Anywhere/Anytime


SampleCentral Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Platform Independent, adaptive design
  • Allocation & eAOC Management
  • Role-Based Login

Our portal has passed an independent international security standards audit – we have documented global cyber security to protect your company and data.

TeleTarget RX by RxS

RxS Contact Center CRM

Integrated Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

Integrated Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

Enable inside sales teams to deliver the right message to the right target

TeleTargetRx is our integrated, purpose-built contact center CRM.  It works alongside brand Saleforce Automation (SFA) platforms to enable inside sales teams to deliver the right message to the right target while offering requests for Rx samples and collateral material.

TeleTargetRx empowers agents with a full view of provider status and the tools to clear marketing constraints.  It is offered as the foundation of our contact center services, as a software solution for pharmaceutical organizations, or by license to partner TeleCenters.


  • Pharmaceutical/Healthcare focused CRM
  • Inside Sales or Field Sales Functionality
  • A cost-effective alternative to sales representative detailing
  • Links to Target Master File
  • Full Digital Material Capabilities
  • Integrates with Logistics Provider
  • End-to-End Reporting
  • Mail, fax, & email campaign execution

Available to License

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting and analytics solution - RxS

Analytics & Decision Support

Integrated multi-channel reporting and analytics solution.

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting, and analytics solution

A Multi-channel reporting and analytics solution

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting, and analytics solution provide insights into all customer-related activity from the contact center, to the warehouse, to the customer, including:

  • Insight into sampling and contact activity
  • Field sales representatives
  • Contact center/Inside Sales

Contact activity includes:

  • Third-party logistics
  • Faxes
  • E-Portals
  • Direct Mail
  • Emails
  • Prescriptions
  • Sales data

Client team members use this information to identify individual Healthcare Professional (HCP) contact preferences (i.e., how HCPs want to be touched).  This powerful insight and understanding of the HCP’s preferences allow RxS and our clients to optimize marketing campaigns.

RxS Linked RX modules - Sample Central, TeleTarget RX, and Client Connect
LinkedRx Sample Program - RxS

Healthcare Sampling Reporting

LinkedRx is a sample management technologies solution.

LinkedRx is a fully compliant technology that links all channels for pharmaceutical samples.

Fully compliant technology that links all channels for pharmaceutical samples.

LinkedRx is a fully compliant technology that links all channels for pharmaceutical samples.  It is a configurable and centralized PDMA/Client/Industry business rules engine that is and serves as the repository for all channel activity.

Within the RxS Ecosystem, LinkedRx is connected to, and integrated with, our own strategic partners and all nodes of our client’s sampling value network.  LinkedRx services both sales forces and physicians nationwide and uniquely positioning our client brands front and center.  It monitors and regulates the entire flow from manufacturer to doctors and gathers and presents data for analytics and reporting.

LinkedRx manages:

  • Transaction for PDMA Compliance and Sample Accountability/Reconciliation Management
  • Sample Movement Irrespective of Channel
  • Allocations at the rep, territory, or HCP level

LinkedRx currently exchanges data with:

  • All currently active healthcare CRM/SFA platforms
  • All major sampling third party logistics/ transportation providers
  • Providers of customer universe and validation data
  • Healthcare-focused contact centers
  • Our own ordering portals and CRM systems
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