Sample Accountability And Field Salesforce Support

PDMA & 21CFR Part 11 compliant healthcare sales representative samples management and reconciliations services.

LinkedRx Connects Hand-Carry and Direct-To-Practitioner Channels.

Got it – reps need to be in the field, educating their customers and promoting products, not counting stock, corresponding with analysts about two-month-old sample transactions, or waiting for an auditor to drive up.  Oh, and reportable shortages are bad


The RxS hand carry support toolset is designed to keep reps in the field, sampling and compliant.  With our focus on representative productivity and the digital enablement of field and home office staff, RxS removes repetitive tasks from the headquarters and field management teams so they can check off their own “to-do’s”.

There, From the Beginning

Members of our team go back to the early days of PDMA compliance when their top customer called an emergency meeting to find out what they knew about this new marketing regulation.  From that day, until now, samples management has been what we do, and what we do well.

The RxS team of dedicated sample accountability analysts leverage PDMA informed processes, client Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and our purpose-built software, LinkedRx, to monitor variances, reconcile losses, and prepare PDMA-compliant reports.  Together, we facilitate accurate and compliant annual, random, and for-cause inventories.  LinkedRx exchanges data with third-party warehouses for shipment, return, and destruction transactions, supports paper-based sampling systems, and is integrated with all major pharmaceutical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

We are a Veeva technology partner, too!  Along with sample accountability, we can help with business rule development, help desk support, and PDMA compliance guidance and training.

Featured Hand Carry Services

Patient Benefit and Reimbursement Service

Sample Accountability

Sample compliance specialists, working with salesforces to avoid reportable incidents and to coordinate sample management activities in the field.

Integrated Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

Help Desk Support

Salesforce support programs, designed to improve the efficiency of reps in the field and provide access for your customers while territories are uncovered.

Signature Verification - Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management

Signature Verification

A comprehensive and technology-driven service that provides signature audits to HCPs via automated fax or mail.

Field Audits and Closeouts Service - RxS

Field Audits & Closeouts

RxS coordinated sample management activities in the field, including annual inventory audits, closeout management, and for-cause audits.

Sample Accountability

Personalized eSampling Portal Solution, Simplified for HCP’s.

Sample Management Systems and Processes Purpose-Built to Keep Reps Compliant and Productive

Our technologists wrote several of the systems still in use out in the industry today – true story.  We have been building and refining sample compliance software across organizations for a long time, and are still tinkering with the one we think is the best, LinkedRx.  But, we’re not only about technology.  Our people are sample compliance specialists who work with client salesforces to avoid reportable incidents and to coordinate sample management activities in the field.  Our analysts have access to timely and accurate transactional data from across the partner landscape that allows them to identify areas of potential concern, initiate mitigations steps, process reconciliations, manage variances, and provide PDMA compliant reports – on time.  Once again, (did we mention technology?) LinkedRx supports our team with a robust case management engine at its core, identifying priorities, flagging suspicious transactions, and ensuring timely follow-up.  Our customer engagement model puts the sales representative front and center, prioritizes their time, and aims to resolve all open issues in one contact.


Reasons to work with us:

  • The sales representative is front and center
  • Industry-specific model
  • Proactive monitoring 
  • Tons of experience developing and enhancing purpose-built sampling software
  • Intuitive and real-time dashboard
  • Trend reporting

Rep Helpdesk/Salesforce Support

SampleCentral is our next-generation portal

Improve the Efficiency of Reps in the Field and Stay Connected to Your Customers

With the help of our friends at RxS Engage, our healthcare-dedicated contact center team, we offer several salesforce support programs, designed to improve the efficiency of reps in the field and provide access for your customers while territories are uncovered.  Our salesforce support offering includes:

  • Office profiling (pre-launch or for new territories)
  • Lead generation and appointment setting
  • Help desk support
  • Sample status support
  • CRM assistance
  • Vacant territory coverage (customer service support for valuable customers in open territories)
  • Schedule in-services
  • Appointment follow-up

Signature Verification

Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management as well as Random and For-Cause Audits.

Signature Verification Services Technology - RxS

A full lifecycle program supporting hand-carry and Direct-to-Practitioner activity

The RxS Signature Audit module of LinkedRx is a full life-cycle signature auditing program supporting both hand carry and Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) activity.  The RxS Physician Signature Validation process (RPSV) is a comprehensive service that provides signature audits to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) via an automated fax or mail process.  Our solution provides a robust set of business rules, reporting, and analytic tools to support signature audits or order verifications.  Questionable and/or negative responses are reported by RxS Sample Management to our clients with copies of all relevant documents forwarded for follow-up and/or disciplinary action within 1 business day.

Field Audits and Closeouts

Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management as well as Random and For-Cause Audits.

Signature Verification - Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management

RxS handles sample management activities in the field

The client support team at RxS takes accountability for managing all sample management activities in the field including, annual inventory audits (scheduling, reconciliation, research, and reporting), close-out management (samples, & hardware), and for-cause audits.

PDMA Compliance

LinkedRx Sample Program - RxS
PDMA Compliance Service - RxS

Technology That Seamlessly Connects Sampling Activities, Across Channels

LinkedRx is a sample management tech that seamlessly connects hand carry and DTP channels, allowing brands to effectively introduce, distribute, and monitor their samples.  This holistic approach provides insight and analytic capabilities to support decision-making with:

  • Robust case management capabilities
  • PDMA Compliance and Sample Accountability/ Reconciliation Management
  • Configurable and Customizable Solutions by Client
  • Manages Sample Movement Irrespective of Channel
  • Centralized PDMA/Client/Industry business rules engine
  • Reporting/Analytics

CFR Part 11 Compliant Infrastructure

All of our systems have been developed as per PDMA and 21 CFR Part 11.  They are fully validated with current release documentation.  Our technology development follows SOPs, Change Control, System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Backup/Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Audit Trails, and System Administration with 3 levels of security.

Case Study

RxS Case Study:

Multi-Channel Marketing Solution Has Specialty Pharma Company Covered


A specialty pharmaceutical organization, with a salesforce of approximately 150 representatives and territories in 33 states, had traditionally promoted their products through hand carry programs.  Though they wanted broader coverage, the organization was apprehensive about implementing a DTP program due to an unsuccessful implementation with another vendor which resulted in sample turn-around times of up to three weeks.

They considered building their own… [Cont’d – Read More, Click here

Multichannel Marketing Solution

Services we provide

Physician Engagement - RxS


Telesampling, Inside Sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Salesforce Support, Sample Portals, Managed Care Messaging, Sample Portals

Dental Office Engagement

Dental Office Engagement

Inside sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Salesforce Support, Telesampling, Sample Portals.

Animal Health Office Engagement Open A Dialogue With Your Animal Health Offices With RxS Engage.

Animal Health Office Engagement

Inside Sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Sales Support, Telesampling, Portals.

Institutional Engagement - Pharmacy - RxS

Pharmacy & Hospital Engagement

Product Messaging, Independent Pharmacy Pull-Through, Managed Care, Formulary Notice, Inside Sales, Field Sales Force Support, Telesampling

Patient & Caregiver Engagement - RxS

Patient & Caregiver Engagement

Persistency & Adherence, Caregiver Support, Nurse Educators, Patient Savings Administration

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