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Field Sales Force Support,  Inside Sales, Telesampling, Product Messaging, Independent Pharmacy Pull-Through, Managed Care, And Formulary Notice.

Pharmacy Engagement

A well-informed pharmacist can be a great ally in building brand or product awareness.  Pharmacists educate and influence patients at the counter, and they are an invaluable liaison to known prescribers in their geographic region.

We have services designed to reach both chain and independent pharmacists directly. We can support everything from new product launches to backorder status updates and pull-through distribution programs.

Our pharmacy engagement model can quickly educate and inform pharmacists.  We keep pharmacists informed on your behalf, with product approvals, treatment options, new product capabilities, supply and stocking procedures, formulary notification and changes, patient savings offerings, and recalls. Our multi-channel pharmacy programs reach target audiences faster than traditional outreach and increase sales by improving product availability and promoting brand loyalty.

We offer a cost-effective channel to keep pharmacists informed and reduce script abandonment.

Pharmacy services include:

Product Messaging

RxS can geo-target physicians and pharmacists with formulary messaging and address compliance at the point of purchase.

Pharmacy Detailing

Keep pharmacists informed with the latest on product approvals, treatment options, new product capabilities, supply and stocking procedures, formulation changes, and recalls.

Independent Pharmacy Pull-Through

Pharmacy Stocking provides strategic direct-to-pharmacist telephonic messaging, stocking incentives, and awareness.  Our programs are targeted based on your zip-territory files, ensuring we contact pharmacies that will see scripts.  The program increases company and brand awareness, improves product availability, is scalable on-demand, and is quick to launch.  It doesn’t do any good to get prescribers writing if the pharmacies don’t have the product.

 Pull-through distribution programs:

  • Educational messaging
  • Optional Stocking incentives
  • Turnover order processing through their preferred wholesale
  • Product stock checks prior to releasing incentives
  • Managing inventory control and supply constraints

Formulary Notifications

Don’t lose the opportunity to provide additional awareness for hard-to-get formula wins.  Our formulary notification program geo-targets pharmacies and physicians who will be the most responsive to this information.  Pre-launch or at-launch pharmacy educational programs.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Management is the coordination of vital communication when there are inventory challenges, a product recall, or other important issues requiring immediate action:

  • Product recall
  • Product rename
  • National Drug Code (NDC) changes

Hospital Engagement

It’s important to touch every type of healthcare provider that can affect your Return on Investment (ROI).  Every hospital has a pharmacy.  This means every product or brand should be evaluated to see if an inside sales program directed at hospitals and long-term care facilities could improve your bottom line.  We develop and execute innovative, customized inbound and outbound marketing programs to reach the key target audience with the right message through the right channels.  We know how to navigate the hospital system to get your messaging in front of the right contacts while capturing key data points, including contact names and information to enhance your target database for future needs.

Inside Sales

TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine - RxS

Sometimes your field sales force needs help reaching everyone who needs to know about your product. Or sometimes you don’t have an outside sales force at all.

Inside Sales

We help you maximize hospital and long-term care facility market penetration through our inside sales services tailored to the key decision-makers in those facilities.

TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, is built on best-in-class contact center technology.  It is integrated with customer preferencing and campaign status data, enabling informed conversations that add value for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and drive sales.  Interactive dashboards provide insights into contact center activity and campaign objectives.

Our programs are staffed by sales representatives with the right profile for specific business needs like seasonality, changes in office access, vacant territories, and field staffing fluctuations.  Our sales representatives include pharmacists, pharma sales reps with field experience, and inside sales professionals.

Inside Sales Services Include:

  • Detailing – providing scientific drug or device information, benefits, and side effects.
  • Profiling – identification and analysis of key prescriber targets.
  • Education – providing educational messages on new drugs approved by the FDA or drugs that have been approved for a new use.

With TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, inside sales representatives have been empowered with campaign-specific information that helps them resolve issues in real-time:

  • Ability to respond with a sample request
  • Ability to respond with digital collateral
  • Ability to provide fulfillment of follow-up mail, savings cards, and patient educational materials.

Video Detailing

Virtual engagement with video enables longer and more value-added conversations.

Our inside sales solutions detail providers at a significantly lower cost than a field sales force.  RxS Engage can typically cover more than five times the number of practices than a typical field rep.  Programs can be deployed, ramped up or ramped down and modified rapidly.

Field Salesforce Support

RxS Engage offers several salesforce support programs, designed to improve the efficiency of reps in the field and provide access for your customers while territories are uncovered.

Our salesforce support offering includes:

  • Profiling (pre-launch or for new territories) reach key decision-makers
  • Lead generation and appointment setting
  • Vacant territory coverage (customer service support for valuable customers in open territories)
  • Help desk support
  • Sample status support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assistance
  • Schedule services
  • Appointment follow-up


The RxS Engage telesampling model is built around the HCP, not the call center supervisor.  Program reporting and interactive dashboards focus on the lift and reach, not the number of calls dialed.  Because RxS remains an innovator in the product sampling space, with systems and processes dedicated to sampling, clients and inside sales reps are empowered with program insights and proactive solutions.  We combine learning from sampling and contact history for behavioral insights.

  • Agents see the totality of the relationship from Sample Request Form (SRF) to Acknowledgement of Content (AOC), all order info in one place
  • Relationship Dashboards/not spreadsheets provide access to all levels of transactions – program, agent, HCP
  • Digital SRF generation platform
  • Integrated with Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) sampling & literature fulfillment
  • Uniquely able to offer back-end processing of AOCs ensuring product sample fulfillment
  • Vitamin and medication awareness and sampling

White space coverage

Our white/gray space programs enable you to reach geographically remote and no-see offices.  Programs can be as simple as offering samples or patient savings offerings to full clinical detailing.

Vacancy management

Don’t lose your relationships with key prescribers in vacant territories.  With the RxS approach, we can provide customer service agents or inside sales agents to maintain interaction with those offices and ensure they have samples, patient savings offerings, patient educational material, and any pertinent brand messaging.  When the sales reps return, or you find the territory with a new sales rep, we supply reporting that details key information regarding each Healthcare Professional.

Hospital Navigation

Hospitals and clinics can often be hard to navigate.  Our hospital reps are experts at ferreting out information about key contacts.  They can provide coverage for small, no-see, and geographically remote hospitals, offer product ordering information to the hospital pharmacy buyers or support your field sales team by helping to profile, gain access, and generate in-person appointments.  In addition to hospitals, these agents also support clinics and long-term care facilities.

Patient and Caregiver Engagement

    • Screening – initial inbound and outbound
    • Follow up cadence – ensures retention, persistency & adherence
    • Personal Engagement – continual, consistent, and personal attention fosters a positive experience.
    • Caregiver Support
    • Nurse Educators
    • Patient Savings Administration.

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