PatientCentral – Tools for Patient Engagement

Integrated Patient & Caregiver Support Programs

PatientCentral, powered by RxS Engage, leverages the right communication channels for the right patients and products, ensuring your customers can access and adhere to the best therapy while experiencing patience, warmth, courtesy, and empathy.

PatientCentral is an integrated program that leverages our dedicated healthcare contact center, RxS Engage, and our Next-Generation Patient-Centric Portal.

Featured facts:

  • There are over 260,000 health apps published, worldwide.
    • 70% percent of patient groups use at least one app to manage their condition.
PatientCentral – Tools for Patient Engagement - RxS

Single point of contact with your patients and patient caregivers

Inside Sales & TeleSampling

Hub Services

Powered by RxS Engage

Powered by RxS Engage, PatientCentral is a technology-enabled service that provides brands and manufacturers a single point of contact with their patients and patient caregivers. PatientCentral empowers brands to positively affect patient journeys through the efficient distribution of medication, improving patient compliance. We ensure your customers are treated with patience, warmth, courtesy, and empathy. We can help with patient education and support, benefits investigation, prior authorization processing, co-pay assistance, and pharmacy triage – we are a partner to your patient, dedicated to improving patient care and outcomes

Patient Benefit and Reimbursement Services

Patient Maze Guidance.

Our team of specialist’s guide patients, caregivers, providers, and pharmacies through the technical aspects of available co-pay programs.  They conduct benefits investigations, research formulary requirements, and navigate prior authorization and step-therapy requirements.  By supporting patients on this leg of the journey, we help improve compliance and reduce the rate of abandonment.  Once benefits are verified, we manage the script through to the correct pharmacy.  This service reduces benefits verification and prior authorization times, while our compassionate patient services team provides detailed support for more technical insurance approvals.  We support patient access with:

  • Benefits investigations
  • Prior authorization and appeals management
  • Claims tracking
  • Dedicated Patient Enrollment Portals

Patient & Caregiver Support Programs

Patient Benefit and Reimbursement Services

Compliance and persistency programs

Patient outcomes improve when they adhere to their medication schedules, and brands improve profitability by reducing the number of unfilled prescriptions.

PatientCentral offers compliance and persistency programs that give patients control over their treatment while providing consistent connections between patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Patients and caregivers can receive educational messages, access to resources, and refill or treatment reminders.
Powered by RxS Engage, our model includes patient-centric portals, scheduled live and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls, email, video conferencing, social media interaction, and SMS text messaging. Messaging is customized based on disease state to support patients and caregivers and encourage compliance with treatment regimens. These programs help to establish a patient on therapy, maintain patient engagement, and, in turn, drive patient compliance.

Distribution Channel Management

Drug Distribution Channel Management

Drug distribution strategies

We help design and execute drug distribution strategies, acting as a liaison between channel partners and the patient. We integrate with specialty pharmacies and manage the supply chain interests for our clients. Specialty medications are costly and take time to produce. They serve small patient populations, often with cold chain storage and time in transit restrictions. LinkedRx, our flagship technology, accepts, stages, and analyzes transactions up to and down the distribution value chain, whether the transaction originated with RxS, or not. Our comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), system and process knowledge, and access to transactional details enable efficient integrations. As a result, we can report on all aspects of logistical performance and adherence to safe handling requirements.

Regulatory and REMS Compliance

Regulatory and REMS Compliance

HIPAA security and privacy requirements

PatientCentral complies with all HIPAA security and privacy requirements. We help our clients comply with all REMS reporting requirements such as recording certifications, supporting registration with the hub, and generating authorizations to dispense. We often serve as the data repository for manufacturer FDA reporting.

PatientCentral – Tools for Patient Engagement - RxS

Powered by RxSEngage.

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