Patient & Caregiver Engagement

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Patient & Caregiver Digital Engagement
RxS Engage - Open a dialogue with your healthcare audience through RxSEngage

Understanding how to improve the patient journey is crucial in today’s marketplace.

Patient & Caregiver Engagement

The patient engagement team at RxS Engage understands the importance of developing the right communication channels for the right patients and products.  We ensure your customers are treated with patience, warmth, courtesy, and empathy.  Our programs are proven to Improve HEDIS Scores.

Understanding how to improve the patient journey is crucial in today’s marketplace.  Patient outcomes improve when they adhere to their medication schedules and brands improve profitability by reducing the number of unfilled prescriptions.  RxS Engage offers compliance and persistency programs that give patients control over their treatment while providing consistent connections between patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.  Patients and caregivers can receive educational messages, access to resources, and refill or treatment reminders through live calls.

Our engagement model includes scheduled live and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls, email, and SMS text messaging. Messaging is customized based on disease state to support patients and caregivers and encourage compliance with treatment regimens.

Patient Messaging Includes:

  • White glove concierge support for patients and caregivers
  • True omni-channel support personalized for each patient.
  • Highly trained and experienced customer service support agents who know how to  handle patient and caregiver calls with empathy
  • Adherence and compliance to keep your patients on track by reminding them to refill their prescriptions via their desired channels:
    • Calls
    • SMS Texts
    • Emails
  • Medication education and support, understanding and coping with side effects
  • Disease state education
  • Nurse educator’s programs assist with establishing patients on therapy and, through ongoing engagement, help drive long-term adherence.
  • Health tips, including diet and exercise
  • Patient surveys capture how patients and caregivers prefer to be communicated with, how they feel about their medication, how to improve their patient journey, etc.
  • Access to brand and disease state resources
  • Patient referral to a physician for treatment questions
  • Pharmacy locater

Our patient support teams consist of compassionate customer service representative and HCPs who have trained on product administration, dosing, and how to access educational and savings resources.

All team members go through an in-depth screening process and intensive training to ensure they answer questions and concerns.


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Patient & Caregiver Engagement

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