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Tools for Healthcare Engagement.

RxS Engage Connects Brands and Reps with Their HCP and Patient Customers

RxS Engage - Open a dialogue with your healthcare audience through RxSEngage

Open a dialogue with your healthcare audience With RxS Engage

RxS Engage Contact Center Engagement: Inside sales, telesampling, field salesforce support, managed care messaging, and patient and caregiver support.

Tools for Healthcare Engagement - RxS

establish and enhance brand messaging while respecting your customer’s time

Our contact center model establishes and enhances healthcare brand messaging while respecting your customer’s time and priorities. 

TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, is built on best-in-class contact center technology.  It is integrated with customer preferencing and campaign status data, enabling informed conversations that add value for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and consumers, driving sales. 

Interactive dashboards provide insights into contact center activity and campaign objectives like increased sales or market share, meaningful engagements with HCPs, influencers, patients, and caregivers, or an increase in therapy adherence.

Our multi-channel contact center is equipped with trained professionals, best-in-class call center technology with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), automatic call distribution, predictive dialer, and voice logging capabilities.

We engage through inbound and outbound voice, video, chat, email, SMS, and IVR.  We are dedicated to healthcare and are PDMA, HIPAA, and HITECH compliant.

Services we provide

Health Care Dedicated Contact Center

Physician Engagement - RxS


Telesampling, Inside Sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Salesforce Support, Sample Portals, Managed Care Messaging, Sample Portals

Dental Office Engagement

Dental Office Engagement

Inside sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Salesforce Support, Telesampling, Sample Portals.

Animal Health Office Engagement Open A Dialogue With Your Animal Health Offices With RxS Engage.

Animal Health Office Engagement

Inside Sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing, Field Sales Support, Telesampling, Portals.

Institutional Engagement - Pharmacy - RxS

Pharmacy & Hospital Engagement

Product Messaging, Independent Pharmacy Pull-Through, Managed Care, Formulary Notice, Inside Sales, Field Sales Force Support, Telesampling

Patient & Caregiver Engagement - RxS

Patient & Caregiver Engagement

Persistency & Adherence, Caregiver Support, Nurse Educators, Patient Savings Administration

Contact Center Technology

The RxS Engage contact center is built on the foundation of our TeleTargetRx contact management system. 

TeleTargetRx combines client Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data with information gathered from the client’s sampling and compliance network to empower RxS Engage agents to research and resolve customer issues in real-time. 

Our advanced AI and analytics refine targeting monthly to ensure we are reaching the right HCPs with personalized messaging at the right time.

  • Operational Metrics & Dashboards
  • PDMA Compliant Business Rules
  • Customer business rules
  • Responsive Program Design and Adaption

Our multi-channel contact center is equipped with best-in-class call center technology, IVR, automatic call distributor, predictive dialer, virtual agents, and voice logger capabilities.

We are HIPAA, PDMA compliant.

  • Advanced graphical IVR creator with text to speech and speech recognition functionality
  • Advanced routing and presentation of inbound and outbound voice calls; call back queue, emails, and chat
  • Ability to integrate with client or partner applications and databases
  • Skill-based routing, roaming agents, whisper coaching, call forwarding
  • Predictive, progressive, and preview modes of dialing, rules-based dialing
  • 100% recording of all calls
  • Advanced AI and analytics
  • RxS is a Veeva Technology Partner.

Healthcare Compliance
PDMA, HIPAA, NIST, and HITECH compliant

At RxS, we recognize that in the industry we serve, regulatory compliance is critical – and our top priority.

To that end, we actively participate in the PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Act) Sharing Alliance where our founder serves as a board member and a yearly PDMA Sharing Conference presenter.

The RxS team actively participates in industry forums to stay apprised of sample management trends.  This fuels RxS’ continuous innovation.

By developing and following detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we maintain audit-ready status for audits conducted by regulatory agencies and our clients.

We are dedicated to healthcare and PDMA, HIPAA, NIST, and HITECH compliant.

The Sharing Alliance PDMA - RxS

About The PDMA and
The Sharing Alliance

The Sharing Alliance

Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987

The Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 (PDMA) was signed into law by the President on April 22, 1988.  The PDMA was enacted (1) to ensure that drug products purchased by consumers are safe and effective, and (2) to avoid the unacceptable risk to American consumers from counterfeit, adulterated, misbranded, subpotent, or expired drugs.  The legislation was necessary to increase safeguards in the drug distribution system to prevent the introduction and retail sale of substandard, ineffective, or counterfeit drugs.  All Info – H.R.1207 – 100th Congress (1987-1988): Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 | | Library of Congress

The Sharing Alliance

The Sharing Alliance™, formerly known as The PDMA Alliance, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing education of its members on compliance best practices.  The group’s focus is on pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sales, marketing, and distribution compliance, including regulations and practices that help ensure a safe and secure drug and device supply chain, free from the potential for fraud and abuse.  The Sharing Alliance™ | Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Med-Device Compliance

Case Study

Rapid Deployment of Rep-forward Digital Solution

RxS Case Study:

Rapid Deployment of Rep-Forward Digital Solution Improves Salesforce Connectivity to their Healthcare Provider (HCP) Customer Base.


Reacting to changing meeting protocols and diminishing office access due to the developing 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, a midsized pharmaceutical organization transitioned their prescription hand carry sales representative to a work from home model, restricting their ability to connect with HCPs and to offer prescription samples.  RxS was selected to supply the technology and experience needed to empower the field reps to serve their territories and preserve connectivity with their HCP customers.  The pharmaceutical company chose to deploy the RxS remote digital sampling platform, TeleTargetRx to their normally field-based teams.  The solutions deployed… [Cont’d – Read More, Click here

“Real World” Implementation Plan Keeps Evolving Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) sample program launch date within reach.
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