Client Engagement

Client success stories & the client engagement model that helped make them happen.

1. Client Success

a. Our People and Culture
b. Testimonials

2. Studies in Client Success

a. Case Study One: Saving Green by Going Green
b. Case Study Two: RxS Multi-Channel Marketing Solution Has Specialty Pharma Company Covered

3. Client Engagement

a. Implementation Management
b. Program Management
c. Case Management
d. ClientConnect

1. Client Success
a. Our people & culture
b. Testimonials

2. Studies in Client Success
a. Case Study One: Saving Green by Going Green
b. Case Study Two: RxS Multi-Channel Marketing Solution Has Specialty Pharma Company Covered

3. Client Engagement
a. Implementation Management
b. Program Management
c. Case Management
d. ClientConnect

Client Success

Supported by our people and culture

Our team’s diversity of skills, cultures, and experience equip them with unique insight and a high level of empathy when dealing with our clients and our shared customers.  Our culture emphasizes customer service through patience, receptivity to new ideas and approaches, and collaboration.

We go above and beyond to support client success every day and our clients recognize the difference.

They tell us.

“INDISPENSABLE”Outstanding job
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“Your email reminded me of another area worthy of recognition…. Our sample support team!

Our analyst is indispensable. She is an awesome team player. Always proactive. Below is an example of her vigilant follow up to a challenging sample situation. I would call this white glove service too!

Outstanding job hiring this group. Thank you for finding them.”
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“I know that I had a few concerns about the process and quick turnaround time of the expiring samples since the one back in January was a bit… complicated...

Because this is being handled solely by RxS, the whole flow of this is WAY easier and very fast. Our rep emailed them his counts yesterday afternoon, and he had everything he needed in his mailbox by 8am today to ship the samples back.

All he needs to do now is put the completed form (sent to him by RxS) into the boxes, tape the boxes up, attach the shipping labels (also sent to him by RxS), and call UPS for pickup. Easy peasy!”
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“I just wanted to shout-out about our new HFTP support line. I had an account earlier in the week who was having trouble logging in.

I called the support line and the person who answered was so helpful. She had some questions I couldn’t answer, so she called the pharmacist and pharmacy tech, continuing to follow up with them via phone and email until she reached them.

She also followed up with me, every day, to let me know where she was in the process. I got a call from her this morning to let me know that she was able to get in touch with them, help them get into their account, and place orders.”

Studies in Client Success

Case Study One:
Saving Green by Going Green

In partnership with RxS, a global pharmaceutical organization was able to eliminate 97% of mailing costs and 7,000 pounds of paper waste from their Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) sampling program by leveraging RxS’ electronic and self-service DTP sampling options.  The new process not only reduced costs and environmental footprint but also measurably improved the prescriber’s experience and sample eligibility…

Case Study One: Saving Green by Going Green

Case Study Two:
RxS Multi-Channel Marketing Solution Has Specialty Pharma Company Covered

With a salesforce of approximately 150 representatives and territories in 33 states, a specialty pharmaceutical organization had traditionally promoted its products through hand carry programs.

Though they wanted broader coverage, the organization was apprehensive about implementing a Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) program due to an unsuccessful implementation with another vendor, which resulted in sample turnaround times of up to three weeks.

They considered building their own teleservices team but lacked the technical and administrative infrastructure to do so.  Partnering with RxS provided the infrastructure and administrative support they needed, resulting in a 48% increase in coverage and turnaround times measured in hours, not weeks.  [More case studies on our Information and Resources Page…]

Client engagement

Implementation management

Our clients recognize the value-add they receive when implementing a project with an organization whose focus is exclusively on strategic sample management.  From the beginning of the project, our management team will attend the scoping process, asking questions, presenting options, and ensuring that configurations and any required development yield the desired result. 

After a ten years of implementations, our team relies on and updates our well-worn project implementation playbook, a detailed plan built on the foundation of project management best practices and adapted and updated with learnings from a decade of focus.

That same team will oversee development, configuration, and user testing.  It’s important to understand that RxS will own the implementation at a senior level, from requirements gathering to acceptance testing.

Program Management

RxS is known for its leading-edge technology. We are good at demonstrating reporting and dashboards and at explaining how those help our combined teams to learn and adapt.  Just as important as having the information, though, is the ability to interpret it.  Our client-engagement model starts with the person with that ability, the one hand to shake – your Account Director. 

The person in this key role manages all post-go live projects and deliverables and monitors program goals beyond operational performance – things like Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement, trending support topics, and counts of rep support calls.  They also schedule and host ad-hoc and programmed business reviews.  This person takes over from the project manager as client primary point of contact after the Request for Proposal (RFP) and implementation processes.

Supporting the Account Director is a mix of program coordinators and analysts.  They back up the account director, take over communications when the director is absent, and manage executional priorities based on day-to-day operational metrics like processing backlog, staffing, new feature releases, and new client tactics.

Delivering the solution and monitoring the output, is our operations team:

  • Our software engineering team designs and deploys client-specific implementations and new, innovative solutions.
  • Compliance and quality assurance work with our client’s compliance team in response to changes in regulations or regulatory guidance.

Our project management crew stands ready for any new large projects.

Case Management

RxS takes a case-management approach to daily operations.  Our sampling hub, LinkedRx, comes with a built-in task manager that links follow-up steps and subsequent actions required to corresponding inbound transactions.  Beyond that, we utilize our internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to assign due dates and track response times and outstanding work backlog, allowing us to shift resources to where they are needed rapidly.

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting and analytics solution - RxS

Analytics & Decision Support

Integrated HCP Validation, HCP Signature Audits, SDF Management, as well as Random and For-Cause Audits.

ClientConnect, our multi-channel reporting, and analytics solution provide insights into all customer-related activity from the contact center, to the warehouse, to the customer, including:

  • Insight into sampling and contact activity
  • Field sales representatives
  • Contact center/Inside Sales

Contact activity includes:

  • Third-party logistics
  • Faxes
  • E-Portals
  • Direct Mail
  • Emails
  • Prescriptions
  • Sales data

Client team members use this information to identify individual HCP contact preferences (i.e., how HCPs want to be touched).  This powerful insight and understanding of the HCP’s preferences allow RxS and our clients to optimize marketing campaigns.

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