Announcing the newest member of the RxS family of services:

PatientCentral – Tools for Patient Engagement - RxS

Powered by RxSEngage, PatientCentral is a technology-enabled service that provides brands and manufacturers a single point of contact with their patients and patient caregivers. 

PatientCentral empowers brands to positively affect patient journeys through the efficient distribution of medication, improving patient compliance.  RxS ensures your customers are treated with patience, warmth, courtesy, and empathy.  PatientCentral works through patient education and support, benefits investigation, prior authorization processing, co-pay assistance, and pharmacy triage – we are a partner to your patient, dedicated to improving patient care and outcomes! 

  • Patient Benefit and Reimbursement Services – Our team of specialists conduct real-time eligibility research, including income validation, benefits investigations, prior authorizations, and appeals facilitation.
  • Patient & Caregiver Support Programs – We serve as single points of contact to provide individualized support, develop caring relationships, and ensure consistency.
  • Distribution Channel Management – Our systems track, coordinate, and report the activity of dispensing pharmacies.
  • Dedicated to Healthcare – RxS is dedicated to healthcare and our systems are PDMA, HIPAA, REMS reporting, and HITECH compliant.
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