Animal Health Office Engagement

Open a dialogue with your Animal Health Offices With RxS Engage.

Animal Health Office Engagement Open A Dialogue With Your Animal Health Offices With RxS Engage.
RxS Engage - Open a dialogue with your healthcare audience through RxSEngage

Pet Care Representatives that know how to communicate with animal health professionals and their pet parent customers.

The RxS Engage animal health team knows all about engaging animals and their humans, and has the background, awareness, and training 

to make sure all contacts with the client’s customers and prospects are efficient, productive, and empathetic.

Inside Sales, Hybrid Sales, e-Detailing for Animal Health Professionals.

Linked Rx is sample management tech

enhance Animal Health brand messaging while respecting the healthcare provider’s time.

Inside Sales

Expanding and diversifying markets for pet products and services present significant challenges, as animal healthcare providers seek to maximize sales while also pursuing customer service excellence.  Our Pet Care Representatives know how to communicate with pet care industry professionals and their pet parent customers.  

TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, is built on best-in-class contact center technology.  It is integrated with customer preferencing and campaign status data, enabling informed conversations that add value for Animal Health Professionals and drive sales.  Interactive dashboards provide insights into contact center activity and campaign objectives. 

Inside Sales Services Include

  • Detailing – providing HCPs with scientific drug information, benefits, and side effects.
  • Drug Sampling – creating orders for drug samples to licensed practitioners, in alignment with PDMA and client business rules.
  • Profiling – identification, and analysis of key prescriber targets.
  • HCP Education – providing educational messages on new drugs approved by the FDA or drugs that have been approved for a new use.
  • Formulary Change – notifying HCPs on formulary changes for generic and brand-name drugs.

With TeleTargetRx, our multi-channel inside sales engine, inside sales representatives have been empowered with campaign-specific information that helps them resolve issues in real-time:

  • Outstanding Acknowledgement of Content (AOC)/Acknowledgement of Deliveries (AODs)
  • Outstanding signature audits
  • Ability to respond with a sample request
  • Ability to respond with digital collateral
  • Ability to provide fulfillment of follow-up mail, savings cards, and patient educational materials.

Our programs are staffed by sales representatives with the right profile for specific business needs like seasonality, changes in office access, vacant territories, and field staffing fluctuations. 

Video Detailing

Virtual engagement with video enables longer and more value-added conversations.

Our inside sales solutions detail Animal Health Professionals at a significantly lower cost than a field sales force.  RxS Engage can typically cover more than five times the number of practices than a typical field rep.  Programs can be deployed, ramped up or ramped down and modified rapidly. 


The RxS Engage telesampling model is built around the Animal Health Professional, not the call center supervisor.  Program reporting and interactive dashboards focus on the lift and reach, not the number of calls dialed.  Because RxS remains an innovator in the product sampling space, with systems and processes dedicated to sampling, clients and inside sales reps are empowered with program insights and proactive solutions.  We combine learning from sampling and contact history for behavioral insights.

  • Agents see the totality of the relationship from Sample Request Form (SRF) to AOC, all order info in one place
  • Relationship Dashboards/not spreadsheets provide access to all levels of transactions – program, agent, HCP
  • Embedded digital SRF generation platform
  • Integrated with Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) sampling & literature fulfillment
  • Uniquely able to offer back-end processing of AOCs ensuring product sample fulfillment
  • Vitamin and medication awareness and sampling

Field Salesforce Support

RxS Engage offers several salesforce support programs, designed to improve the efficiency of reps in the field and provide access for your customers while territories are uncovered.  Our salesforce support offering includes:

  • Office profiling (pre-launch or for new territories)
  • Lead generation and appointment setting
  • Vacant territory coverage (customer service support for valuable customers in open territories)
  • Help desk support
  • Sample status support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assistance

Sample Portals

A Personalized eSampling Portal Solution, Simplified for Animal Health Professionals.

SampleCentral is our next-generation portal, developed by UX Experts to provide an intuitive Amazon-like “shopping” experience.  Protected by role-based login and robust security, SampleCentral engages customers with specialized messaging, a centralized dashboard, and allocation & electronic AOC (eAOC) management.  It is adaptive for easy use on tablets, phones, or desktops, and was designed to be customized to support brand identity.  SampleCentral is part of our integrated software suite and contributes data to LinkedRx for insights.

  • Next-generation technology for customer engagement
  • Sample/Literature Requests on demand
  • 24/7 Accessibility Anywhere/Anytime

SampleCentral Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Platform Independent, adaptive design
  • Allocation & eAOC Management
  • Role-Based Login

Our portal has passed an independent international security standards audit – we have documented global cyber security to protect your company and data.

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Animal Health Office Engagement Open A Dialogue With Your Animal Health Offices With RxS Engage.

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