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Our team has worked on both the services and brand sides of the business, with hands-on experience providing patient care, developing innovative technologies, and managing projects in regulated industries with solutions rooted in technology and focused on compliance.  We provide tools that help clients develop, launch, promote and extend the life of their portfolios and products.

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RxS is Powered by Innovation & Technology

The team at RxS leverages its expertise in managing complex, multi-platform technologies to provide valuable solutions to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.  We develop and leverage technology that seamlessly connects hand carry and direct-to-practitioner (DTP) channels, allowing brands to effectively introduce, distribute, and monitor their samples.

Our long-time technology partnership with Veeva has produced robust integrations and roadmap alignments that result in reduced risk and time to market for our clients.  No other solution provider can match our success in consolidating multiple Veeva instances into a single view.

In addition to Veeva, RxS has developed strategic integrations with other sample services providers offering customer relationship management (CRM), audit management, and third-party fulfillment to create a robust value network for our clients.  Our comprehensive application program interfaces (APIs), system and process knowledge, and access to transactional details enable efficient implementations.  We are the industry go-to for system consolidations focused on the modernization and elimination of client legacy systems.

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Saving Green By Going Green

In partnership with RxS, a global pharmaceutical organization was able to eliminate 97% of mailing costs and 7,000 pounds of paper waste from their direct-to-practitioner sampling program by leveraging RxS’ electronic and self-service DTP sampling…

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Innovation & Technology

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RxS is a woman-owned service company enabled by technology and dedicated to empowering healthcare success.  It was founded by industry leaders in sample management who recognized that existing market offerings did not provide an integrated multi-channel solution.

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